DJ set at Inkonst

Yesterday I played solo at the bar of Inkonst – a great Friday night that started with Hey Elbow’s performance of their new piece Flock. As promised, the set consisted mainly of electro and industrial/EBM/techno. It’s the first time I’ve played records at Inkonst in 8-9 years and probably a lot different from last time. Here’s my playlist, more or less in order:

Dissemblance – Torrens De Metal (Mannequin)
Oppenheimer Analysis – Subterranean Desire (Minimal Wave)
Crushed Soul – Gravitational Field (Dark Entries)
Nite Fleit & Umwelt – The Hellgramite Method (New Flesh)
Lower Tar – Sink and Repeat (L.A.U.R.A.)
Negroni Nails – Reprogram/Rewrite (Klakson)
Isabella – Impresia (Mama Told Ya)
Sepehr – Artificiality (Klakson)
Penelope’s Fiance – Veil of Vanity (Magdalena’s Apathy)
The Serfs – The Willows (Dream)
Ruth – Polaroïd/Roman/Photo (Born Bad)
PC World – Beyond the Zero (She Lost Kontrol)
Alpha Sect – Empty City (Khoinix)
Bergsonist – Tout Maintenant (Tresor)

Alessandro Adriani – Prehistory (Jealous God)
Maelstrom & Louisahhh – Lights Out (Dame-Music)
Anatolian Weapons – Control PM (Dalmata Daniel)
Cardopusher – Lux Aeterna (PAG)
Minimal Violence – New Hard Catch (Technicolour)
Rosa Damask – We Should Disappear (DKA)
Blanche Biau – Kette aus Diamanten
Conjunto Primitivo – Bailando Primitivo (Chicago Research)
Tommy Genesis & Charlie Heat – Fetish
Cuerina Raw Dry & Chuminga – Baile Irracional (Diffuse Reality)
Cosey Mueller – Antisozial (Spared Flesh)
Brixx – Possession
Dim Garden – Vision of Love (Italo Moderni)
DJ Frankie – Cadenas de Sangre (Natural Sciences)
Dalibor Cruz – Seen As Scum (Natural Sciences)

Common Poetry – Bizarre Illegal Events (Acero)
Filmmaker – The Vortex
Violet Poison – Plutonio Espano (Up North)
Club Music – Musclebound (Chicago Research)
Ces Cadaveres – Cuerpos Monstruosos (Detriti)
Olivia – Cave (Pinkman)
Pablo Bozzi – Le Quai Des Brumes (Pinkman)
Lbeeze – Try Me (Meta Moto)
Dame Area – Esto me pertenece (BFE)
Autumns – This Is What They’ve Done (Body Musick)
Black Dahlia – Killing For Company (Body Musick)
Infravision – Crossing Borders (Fleisch)
SDH – Maybe a Body (SDH)
Rue Oberkampf – 1994 (Young & Cold)
Mind I Matter – Le Fléau Sacré (Persephonic Sirens)
Amusement Machine – Masoch (Body Musick)
L/F/D/M – Die Cuts (Idlestates)

Locked Club – It’s My Rave (Boysnoize)
Ole Mic Odd – Chromed Out 1100 (Natural Sciences)
Riot Code – Creeper
DJ Loser x Penelope’s Fiance – Bloodthorns (Public System)
Any Act – Moskva-Baghdad (Tram Planet)
ROÜGE – Ratchet (Detriti)
Phase Fatale – Surgical Manipulator (BPitch)
Swan Meat – Too Late (Magdalena’s Apathy)
PRZ – The Zone (Clone)
Reka – We Are the Future (BPitch)
Endless Nothing – Assimilate (Detriti)
Alessandro Adriani – Ecstatic Feeling (L.I.E.S.)

Penelope’s Fiance – Bury Me Deep (Voight-Kampff)
Kilbourne – Razor Eater (Prspct)
DJ Mell G – Juicy Beat (BPitch)
Chlär – Staying True (Lobster Theremin)
Vixen – Tether (Deestricted)
Amelie Lens – Trippin’ (Lenske)
Caiva – Vigour (Lobster Theremin)
Dance Divine & Åmrtüm – Push the Ground (RAW)
Strahinja Arbutina – MPHS Vol. 2 (Puppy Tapes)
DJ Valentimes – Exterior (Voight-Kampff)
Spiderwrap – Denial (ASE)

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