3RRR #3

In the light of International Women’s Day it always becomes obvious that every day is a struggle for equality, and that often the struggle is not ours but belongs to the ones who are even worse off. Women of colour, non-CIS women, queers, asexuals, non-binary, transgender people, people on the run from oppression. These are the people who die in the streets and in their homes every day. Equality means nothing if it isn’t total equality and the removal of fear – the fear of all things other. CIS men cannot pretend to understand the struggle, we can only shut up and show our support.

RT tries to maintain a healthy balance in our reporting, but to shift the focus and spark some debate I thought I’d try to do a radio show without male artists or bands where women only play non-creative roles. It was a last minute show, but it turned out it only took about 20 minutes to fill 4 hours of broadcasting time with this limitation! Almost all tracks are less than a year old. Now take it to the streets.

Listen back to the show here. Below you will find the complete playlist.

01 Soakie – Boys On Stage (La Vida Es Un Mus)
02 THICK – Mansplain (Epitaph)
03 SUO – Spell In The Night (Stolen Body)
04 Habibi – Stronghold (Modern Sky)
05 The Native Cats – Run With The Roses (Rough Skies)
06 TAWINGS – Hamburg (Space Shower)
07 Riki – Earth Song (Dais)
08 SaD – Don’t Go
09 Fee Lion – Baby
10 Club Music – Industrial Beam (Chicago Research)
11 Aurat – Alvida
12 Patriarchy – Sweet Piece of Meat (Dero Arcade)
13 Desire – Bizarre Love Triangle (IDIB)
14 Honey – Tell Me Why
15 Avalon Lurks – Papi Chulo (Metropolitan Indian)
16 Sara King – Velvet (Luke Jr)

17 Sweet Whirl – Something I Do (Chapter)
18 Anna Cordell – Turn
19 Cucina Povera – Sadesää (Paradise Palms)
20 Dyani – Airborne Pt. II (Post Present Medium)
21 Spellling – Haunted Water (Sacred Bones)
22 Jorja Chalmers – She Made Him Love Again (IDIB)
23 GRÜN WASSER – Stranger’s Mouth (Holodeck)
24 Glass Candy – The Beat’s Alive (IDIB)
25 Ninoosh – Rage (Synth Babes)
26 Solid Blake – Soap Cube (Seilscheibenpfeiler)
27 Astrid Sonne – Swirl (Kulør)
28 Lilium – Tackle (Sävligheten)
29 Yu Su – 233 (Rhythm Section Intl)
30 Louise Terra – J.B.

31 BOAN – Secretos (Holodeck)
32 L-Space – Karoshi (Last Night From Glasgow)
33 Princess Nokia – Sunday Best
34 Deli Girls – Abortion (Sweat Equity)
35 ESSi – Pines and Cones (Ramp Local)
36 Weeping Icon – Power Trip (Kanine)
37 C.H.E.W. – Repeat Offenders (Iron Lung)
38 Control Top – Black Hole (live) (Audiotree)
39 Concrete Lawn – Aggregate (Urge)
40 Girl Germs – Boy’s Club (Roolette)
41 Es – Chemical (Upset the Rhythm)
42 Petrol Girls – No Love for a Nation (Hassle)
43 Knife Wife – The Dentist (Sister Polygon)
44 Cystic Nightmare – High Femme Maintenance
45 French Vanilla – Friendly Fire (Danger Collective)
46 Special Interest – Don’t Kiss Me in Public

47 Kosmetika – Kraftneau (Roolette)
48 Romero – Honey (Cool Death)
49 Uva Ursi – Feeling Green
50 Giantess – The News
51 Anemone – Sunshine (Back to the Start) (Luminelle)
52 Dark Water – Take the Piss
53 Pleasure Symbols – Chain of Love (Avant)
54 Orion – I Want You So Bad (IDIB)
55 Lou Rebecca – Bonbon (Johnny Jewel Remix) (IDIB)
56 Merry Lamb Lamb – Fly (Bubblewrap)
57 Yumi Zouma – Cool For A Second (Polyvinyl)
58 Circle Pit – Total Waste (RIP Society)
59 Terrible Truths – Patterns (Small Town City Living)
60 Party Pest – I Can Do Better (Psychic Hysteria)
61 The Rifle – Seventeen Stings (Burger)
62 Caroline Rose – Do You Think We’ll Last Forever? (New West)

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