Valesuchi is a DJ and producer from Santiago who started her career at only 15. This post is a bit unusual in the sense that I would like to recommend a podcast rather than a release. Of course, Valesuchi released her amazing debut album Tragicomic on Mamba Records in 2019. Recently we wrote about the new Mamba compilation Kengaral Eletrohits Vol. 2 which includes her new track “Eschaton”. Last year a remix version of Tragicomic also came out on Mamba. But to get back to March 2021, Valesuchi was just interviewed by Juba for her The Assurance Podcast, which focuses on women DJs from the Global South, “reflecting on their personal journeys, their music scenes and how their social contexts impact their careers and lives”.

It’s just such a great listen and I recommend you checking out the other episodes. Valesuchi also hosts the Basic Needs radio show on Noods – check out the lastest episode below.

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