Tres was a synth-pop group from the small town of Landskrona in Sweden (about 20 minutes from where I currently live) who released only one single in 1985. The self-released “Smile On My Face” is now impossible to find, but a few years ago the Dödsdans label took it upon themselves to track down the one-time members Anders Larsson, Christian Olsson, Jacob Persson and Lars Bergh.

Thank god they did, because the discovered a wealth of demos that were eventually released in 2014 as the inTRESsant LP. Even this record is now rare, but one of my friends found it on youtube. Admitted, the demos are quite rough and the vocals are terribly accented but I would have adored tracks like “My Computer” when I was a teenager. Fans of minimal synth should really check this one out if you don’t know it, the songs in Swedish are particularly great.

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