Patrick Stas


Patrick Stas was a Belgian artist and founder of the Home Produkt tape label – active in Liége in the 80s. He formed his first band Gheneral Thî et Les Fourmis, informed by punk rock and local DIY bands. After recording a soundtrack for a documentary, he started Home Produkt to release his own music and that of other bands he had connected with in the tape scene. The label was run out of his kitchen together with his partner Pascale, who made all the artwork.

Stas worked with groups like The Misz, Bene Gesserit and solo artists like Denis Mpunga and Tara Cross. The collaborative work by Paul K. (a pseudonym of Stas’) and Denis Mpunga was reissued by Music From Memory in 2017, including a remix 12″ with reworkings by e.g. Interstellar Funk and Toulouse Low Trax.

If Paul K​​​​​.​’s Life Was a Movie, This Would Be the Soundtrack of His Death is a retrospective of Stas’ 80s recordings – across several projects – released by Stroom in March. It’s release had been planned since 2017 but with the artist’s early passing in 2020, the title of the last song on the record became a fitting tribute and the obvious name for this 10-track LP. It’s already close to selling out.

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