Men Don’t Matter

We mustn’t forget that during the pandemic, violence against women has increased at a terrifying rate. Trapped in dangerous domestic situations, it’s easy to give in to despair. Cis men have to acknowledge the problem and take steps to end this violence, also against transgender women and QTPOC. Below you’ll find some links to organisations helping these individuals – if you can spare anything at all please donate to one or several of them.

After watching Once There Was Brasilia, La Haine and the M.I.A. documentary (despite being made by a man and not particularly to the artist’s liking) I can’t help but feel I’ve had enough of patriarchal violence. I do try to keep the coverage here balanced but I constantly feel like I’m not doing enough to support non cis-male musicians. Please send us your music, and press agents for female/trans artists please get in touch with us.

To convince you take action, in any form, here’s a playlist of 40 new-ish tracks by women (and some queer/non-cis men) – many of which have already been featured on this site recently (plus a few classics). All of these artists deserve more attention from everyone, this is not an attempt to fill a quota. And most importantly, these are artists that I love. A couple of the tracks are from the amazing Practical Records compilation Open Source from last year, which I urge you to check out in full.

The image depicts German duo Astaron, whose 1987 album will be reissued next month.

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