FESTIVAL: Grauzone 2024

We’re happy to announce that we will be visiting the Grauzone festival in The Hague once again. It was such a memorable experience last year that I wouldn’t miss it for the world. We will also be covering the festival here, and we’ve already written about a couple of the artists and producers performing in 2024.

The festival is taking place February 9th to 11th and while the 3-day passes are sold out there are still individual tickets for sale – especially for the nighttime events Graunacht, with DJs at both Paard and The Grey Space.

Check out the full lineup:

Apart from the headliners like The Soft Moon and Drab Majesty I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the other American artists joining the program. Harsh Symmetry and Bestial Mouths, whom we both featured recently, are not to be missed. But I think Nuovo Testamento, also from LA, will be one of the highlights. They came through Europe last year, but not anywhere near where I’m based.

Bestial Mouths. Image from instagram

Among the European artists the Barcelona-based duo SDH is definitely worth checking out and their album from last year was really stunning. There are a few post-punk groups from around Europe playing this year that I’ve wanted to see for ages – including Melenas from Spain and Drahla from the UK. Belarusian group Dlina Volny will also be great to see in a live setting, considering the immaculate production of their releases on Italians Do It Better.

Drahla. Image from instagram

On the punk side of things I reckon Die Verlierer from Berlin and Powerplant from London will be finding new fans at Grauzone this year. As usual there’ll be plenty of local groups as well and Desinteresse is one that’ve fallen for after checking out program.

Hear them and music from 20 acts in total that’ve cherrypicked from the full program in the playlist below.

You can also check out the official Grauzone playlist, which includes even more music from most of the artists participating.

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