SIDE18 | summer tape | side b

And here is the b-side of the summer tape. Record it to a cassette and play it loud! If you can’t read vertically, here’s the playlists (and for the benefit of search engines):


Useless Eaters – Take Advantage of Me
Rodriguez – No Money
Manic Attracts – Feels Like I’m Dead
The Ninjas – In and Out
Christmas Island – Ex-Beach
Cults – Never Heal Myself
Gerri Thomas – Look What I Got
Rod & Carolyn – I Got You On My Mind
M.G. & The Escorts – Please Don’t Ever Change
John Hatton & The Devotions – I’m Gonna Stay
The Beatpack – The Time and the Pleasure
New Math – Die Trying
Direct Hits – Soul Shoes
The Jasmine Minks – Misery
The Sea Urchins – A Morning Odyssey
De Keefmen – I Wanna Tell Her
The Wrong Words – Here’s Where You Belong
The Searchers – I’ll Be Missing You

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