Peter Gutteridge


Peter Gutteridge of New Zealand band The Clean is definitely the group’s least well-known member but in fact he was also in the original line-up of The Chills (if only for a few months). Founding the amazing Snapper latter in the 80s, that’s band that would deserve its own post. But this one is about the solo tape called Pure, released on Xpressway in 1989 while Snapper had already started releasing their own music.

It was reissued in 2013, just one year before Gutteridge sadly passed away, aged only 53. Last month, 10 years later, it was given a new vinyl pressing by Superior Viaduct in the US. These 21 tracks are an amazing view into Gutteridge experimental take on songwriting, with several tracks easily could have served as Snapper demos.

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