Voight-Kampff comp

Voight-Kampff is a Glasgow-based collective and label with a penchant for hard’n’fast techno. Last year they released a massive compilation in three parts, with 36 tracks including some from their residents. With their new and third compilation however, they’ve taken a different approach, choosing instead to gather the cream of the crop of underground techno from around the world. Dreadful Activist is the only Scottish artist here, among talent from Greece (MarcelDune, Penelope’s Fiance and DJ Loser, here in a collab with Astorga from Chile), Russia (Less Instructions and SP4D33S/Woture), Australia (DJ Big Guns) and Uruguay (Augustin G). Naturally, there’s the slew of US producers too, all which we’ve mentioned here before: DJ Valentimes, Spiderwrap, Spiral Instinct, DJ Headwound, Tweaker-229.

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