Shockingly, our 80s series hasn’t reached the trio Ruth – until now. Based in Paris, Philippe Doray, Ruth Ellyeri and Thierry Müller formed the group in the mid 80s to release one conceptual but danceable new wave record. The result was the 7-track mini-album Polaroïd/Roman/Photo that came out on Paris Album. Today it’s a classic of the minimal wave genre despite being quite hi-fi. As Muller reveals in this interview, originally from The Quietus, Ruth was a made-up person with the name being an anagram of Thierry Müller.

The album was reissued on vinyl for its 25th anniversary in 2010. The label Angular Records was based in London and inspired by the early sound of Factory Records. Sadly all of their stock disappeared during the PIA
2011 warehouse fire

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