Electric Party


Electric Party started in Amsterdam in the early 80s as the musical project of René van Rijn, but soon evolved into a band dealing in electronic music, disco and funk all in one avantgarde cement blender. They were part of a scene connected to the art academy and the Mazzo club –  one of the seminal punk/new wave clubs that opened in 1980. Electric Party released one album, the Work tape on tiny local label Fetisj who also worked with e.g. Richenel. The tape is getting a reissue (on cassette) this May via Diggin’ Demos.

Simultaneously, Knekelhuis are releasing a retrospective compilation LP, cleverly titled Play. The release, that has been in the works for several years, combines the label’s 3 favourite tracks from Work with 6 unreleased and remastered tracks from the same era.

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