2021 best LPs pt. 2

As promised, here is our general list of the best LPs of 2021. Yesterday we shared our list of the best post-punk and wave albums, so obviously this one if focused on everything else (including garage, psych, lofi, punk and experimental sounds). We had a clear winner this year, in Riki’s stunning sophomore album. Nothing quite feels more 2021 than Gold did its revelry in 80s aesthetics and production values.

Best albums of 2021 (general)

  1. Riki – Gold (Dais)
  2. Alice et moi – Drama (L’oeil dans la paume)
  3. L’eclair – Confusions (Bongo Joe)
  4. Claire Laffut – Bleu (Gum)
  5. Triptides – Alter Echoes (Alive Naturalsound)
  6. Escape-ism – Rated Z (Radical Elite)
  7. Lysol – Soup For My Family (Feel It)
  8. Bobby Would – World Wide World (Low Company)
  9. The Shivas – Feels So Good // Feel So Bad (Tender Loving Empire)
  10. Circuit des Yeux – -io (Matador)
  11. Sault – Nine (Forever Living Originals)
  12. Soursob – s/t (Hozac)
  13. Troth – Oak Corridor (Knekelhuis)
  14. Anika – Change (Invada)
  15. Kit Sebastian – Melodi (Mr Bongo)
  16. Sugar Candy Mountain – Impression (Org)
  17. Mega Bog – Life, and Another (Paradise of Bachelors)
  18. Stealing Sheep – La planète sauvage (Fire)
  19. Tarta Relena – Fiat Lux (La Castanya)
  20. Dummy – Mandatory Enjoyment (Trouble In Mind)

As usual check out the links to read more and listen. We didn’t find room for any local Swedish releases on our lists this year (except Monokultur, who almost almost made it) so here is a bonus with some recommendations:

Monokultur – Ormens väg (Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox LP)

Skiftande Enheter – Lögn (Chunklet 7″)

T.G.T.B. – Excogitate (Detriti EP)

Yuton Beach – Eternal Room Service (PLX LP)

Check out our playlist with 200 of the best releases of the year if you want even more.

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