We’re back with out second DJ set of the year, following the one that happened earlier this year together with Useless Eaters. This time we’re playing at Far I Hatten, where we played circa 1,5 years ago. This time you can expect plenty of post-punk and new stuff from bands like Screensaver, Low Life and Algara. But also some old classics from Polaroid, Década 2, My Mine and Eleven Pond. If you haven’t heard the latter, make sure you check out our 80s HITS series, in which they’ve all been featured this year.

And maybe some classics from Atlanta as well – just stumbled over this amazing vid of Stolen Hearts playing a benefit gig for Bobby Ubangi.

EDIT Here is Krister’s tracklist:

Felt – Trails of Colour Dissolve
Bomb Pops – Cheery
The Hummingbirds – Be Careful
Beach Fossils – Calyer
Felt – My Face Is On Fire
Blouse – Pale Spectre
SERF – Coma
Poetas Sonicos – Har
My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
Eleven Pond – Tightrope
Algara – Paso al frente
Delta 5 – Anticipation
AUS – Kreis
Dame – Bubble Baby
Es – Severed
Sweeping Promises – Out Again
Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
The Bleak Engineers – The Illusion
Cosmic Palms – Space Surfari
Dalibor Cruz – Rhythm Gore
Eva Noxious – Hasta la muerte
Sansibar – Can’t See
Betonkust & Innershades – Forever In Boccaccio 
Década 2 – Alfabeto
Screensaver – Attention Economy
The Stick Figures – September
Delta 5 – Colour
Low Life – Hammer and the Fist

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