AVANT GARDE in Envigado

Avant Garde is a unique event taking place in Evigado (outside of Medellín in Colombia) on April 19. It’s organised by Saradélica, who is a DJ and producer from the city that also gave us great music like Filmmaker and more.

It’s focused on underground music – both bands and solo musicians – from goregrind to noise and electronic music. As you can see from the poster below, several artists that we love are playing live, like Gärtner and Panorama Lineal – neither of whom have released anything for a while. But you should know them from labels like Analogue Texture, Body Musick and Pildoras.

The event also ends with a DJ set by JJH. Here’s what Saradélica says about why this an important milestone:

“Avant Garde arose from the need to generate spaces where experimental music, noise, ambient sounds are the base genres. In this first edition there will be musical projects from the city of Medellín in live format.”

It’s amazing to see such a width of musical expressions in one event as well as a decent representation of non-male artists. Here’s a presentation of a couple of the artists.


Jazmín Castillo Zapata (pictured at the top) is a sculpture and sound artist, and a graduate of The National University of Colombia. Her practice focuses on experimental sound – exploring the potential of field recordings and intervened soundscapes and objects. Her work delves into the multiplicity of presence, the importance of paying attention and the practice of active listening. Additionally, her research addresses problems related to co-existence with non-human species, the naturalized soundscape and domestic spaces. In 2020, Jazmin received the Young Women Talent award from the Medellín mayor’s office in the art category.


Sara Gómez Aristizábal produces ambient and experimental sounds, combined with vocal elements that express different feelings. She has studies visual art and music, but her greatest inspiration is biology – in her music she tries to unite these two worlds. Organising Avant Garde is part of a greater mission to generate musical and creative spaces within the city. In this case, presenting a new ‘avant garde’ DIY concept.

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