SS23 mix part 1

Happy Easter! Here is the first part of our new mix that is perfect for a cold spring night. This one goes from coldwave and EBM to electro and dark techno. Opening up with a track from the recent V reissue (make sure you check out their recent new album as well), via Berlin-based producers like Phase Fatale and Neu-Romancer to out-there projects like Astytekk’s Vaxxx alias. In short, it has everything.

The second part will be up soon.


V – Ton Nom
Plague Pits – The Light
Videotraum – Du & Ich
Neu-Romancer – Neue Romantika (Zanias remix)
Soft Crash – Your Last Everything (Soft Crash Angel) feat. Marie Davidson
Cosey Mueller – Parallel Gekreuzt
Fantasy – Kleiber
Chloe Lula – RBB
Phase Fatale – Forward Chrome
Filmmaker – Broken Power Gloves
Death Posture – Traitor to Silence (Filmmaker remix)
Acidic Male – Dreameater
VAXXX – Relic Jam

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