JFK was a solo project created by Anthony Di Franco who also was a member of the British noise/electronic outfit Ramleh in the early 80s. Gary Mundy of Ramleh founded the forgotten but influential label Broken Flag in 1982 – the label finally got a 5-cd box set reissue ten years ago.


It didn’t include any music by JFK though, who appeared on the L.I.E.S. label with new music a couple of years ago. Now L.I.E.S. have taken it upon themselves to reissue JFK’s 80s productions on the double-LP compilation Tape Archives 86​-​88. It includes all the tracks from the Broken Flag cassettes, as well as previously unreleased music from his defining era. Back then the sounds were created from electric razors, washing machines and aerosol cans as well as drum machines and samplers.

This actually came out in November and has the most amazing cover art.

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