Yesterday’s Dawn

Thank you everyone who turned up yesterday and made the last Don’t Die On My Doorstep a memorable event. Photos of Top Sound and Death and Vanilla in the Flickr set the image above will take you to. See the full playlist below.

The Ocean Tango – Forgotten Books
Seeland – Armour
The Ashes – Is There Anything I Can Do
Design – The Children of the Mist
Laetitia Sadier – By the Sea
The Invisible – Hello Sunny Day
The Cavaliers – You Can Not Make Me Cry
Trembling Blue Stars – No More Sad Songs
A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Calling It Love Isn’t Love (Don’t Fall In Love)
The Young Friends – Riverside Kids
Edwyn Collins – In Your Eyes
Belle & Sebastian – I Want the World to Stop
Mouse & the Traps – I Got Her Love
Beach Fossils – Distance
Seapony – Dreaming
Los Ginkas – Fórmula 86
The Limiñanas – Je suis une go-go girl
The Embrooks – Where Were You?
The Black Ravens – Wipe Those Tears
Katch 22 – You’ve Got Somethin’
The Passionettes – My Fault
Vermillion Sands – Something Wrong
French Kissing – I Would Let You Know
The Shandells – Caroline
Sandy Coast – Subject of My Thought
Brian Arthur – What Can You Do With a Broken Heart?
Cinema Red and Blue – Melanie Down
Frankie Rose & the Outs – That’s What People Told Me
Christmas – The Whips of Love
Sex Beet – Sugar Water
Black Time – Cycles
The Sires – (Call Me) Little Miss-Understood
Hipshakes – Hurt My Pride
The Rantouls – Still 16
Cuffs – You Can Come True (demo)
The Trash Can Sinatras – Circling the Circumference
The Milkees – Sweet “L”
The Skeptics – Turn It On
The Wylde Mammoths – Help That Girl
The Frowning Clouds – I’m Sad
The Black Sheep – I’m Feeling Down
The Carlettes – Lost Without Your Love
The Del-Fi’s – Now It’s Time
The Nomads – Time Remains
The Wonderettes – I Feel Strange
The Page Boys – Sweet Love

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