Diminishing Returns @ Radio Panini

Forgot to mention it here, but we’ve teamed up with new Copenhagen-based radio station Radio Panini and created a new radio show called Diminishing Returns. Yesterday was the premiere and we broadcast live from Baggen in the meat-packing district for an enthusiastic crowd. Check out all the sets from the evening (it was a packed day of shows from 3-11 pm). Below is my set – hopefully we’ll be invited back to play later this year and I’ll be able to invite some guests to participate.

Track IDs

Kleenex – Ain’t You
Leena Platonos – Cat On the Corner
Liasons Dangereuses – Los niños del parque
Anne Clark – Our Darkness
The Hacker – Alexia
My Mine – Hynotic Tango
Charlie – Cold Inside
Filmmaker – Bitting Void
Luz1e – Transition
DJ Mell G & DJ Fuckoff – Death By Pussy
Sepehr – Duplicate
Pluto Junkies – Astronaut Dolphin Detective
Minuit Machine – Contradictions

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