Test Pressing

Yesterday was the premiere of Test Pressing in Malmö, Sweden – a new series of DJ sets presenting music from primarily DIY labels 1982-1992. The first one features me and Jacob and future ones will include different guests. Here’s my playlist from the night:

The Gist – Love At First Sight (Rough Trade)
Weekend – The View From Her Room (Rough Trade)
The Durutti Column – Bordeaux (Factory)
The June Brides – Disneyland (Pink)
Ruth – Thriller (Born Bad)
Cocteau Twins – Five Ten Fiftyfold (4AD)
Josef K – The Missionary (Disques du Crépuscule)
The Go-Betweens – Draining the Pool For You (Sire)
28th Day – Pages Turn (Bring Out Your Dead)
Hurrah! – The Sun Shines Here (Kitchenware)
Primal Scream – It Happens (Creation)
The Summer Suns – Honeypearl (Easter)
Dolly Mixture – How Come You’re Such a Hit With the Boys, Jane? (Spa Green)
The Pastels – Breaking Lines (Glass)
14 Iced Bears – Inside (Frank)
McCarthy – Should the Bible Be Banned (September)
Razorcuts – Sorry to Embarrass You (Subway)
Jesse Garon & the Deperadoes – You’ll Never Be That Young Again (Velocity)
Girl of My Best Friend – Warm Around You (Ambition)
The Siddeleys – What Went Wrong This Time? (Medium Cool)
Reserve – Two Hearts Beat In a Hole (Sombrero)
Hearts On Fire – You May Not Know (Midnight)
This Poison! – You;- Think!! (Reception)
Chin Chin – Stop Your Cryin’ (53rd & 3rd)
Baby Lemonade – Much Too Late (DDT)
The Dentists – Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden (Antler)
Coldreams – Eyes (Camisole)
Strawberry Switchblade – Let Her Go (Korova)
New Order – Round & Round (Factory)
Spacemen 3 – Hey Man (Fire)
The Sundays – My Finest Hour (Rough Trade)
East Village – Strawberry Window (Slumberland)
The Primitives – We Found a Way to the Sun (Lazy)
The Candy Skins – She Blew Me Away (Geffen)
Beat Happening – Cry For a Shadow (K)

The next event is in May. There’s also a playlist with some related music right here:

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