This year we’ve had a such a multitude of brilliant compilations of electro and EBM-influenced techno that it’s almost been hard to keep track. There have been benefit compilations for Colombia freedom fighters, cassette tapes, anniversary releases from established labels like Tresor and Zone, 12″s and even digital-only releases that have caught our ear. So these definitely require their own top 20 list!

Magdalena’s Apathy should receive some kind of award for putting out not one but four amazing CD-Rs this year. Optimism Is Out to Get You come in a close second with their there various artist releases. Osaré Editions have released two brilliant ones. Naturally we will only list one release from each label, but I encourage you to check out the rest. It’s pretty easy to find posts on the same label on Record Turnover by using the tags to navigate.

  1. Los Insurgentes Tienen Razón part 1-3 (OSM)
  2. Age In Decline (Natural Sciences)
  3. Agonia Chains + more (Magdalena’s Apathy)
  4. Girlcast VA001 (Girlcast)
  5. ASE-002 (Anti-State Electronics)
  6. VKVA003 (Voight-Kampff)
  7. Universidad de Vampiros (Shishi)
  8. Morph 2 (Morph)
  9. OOTGY003 + more (Optimism Is Out to Get You)
  10. No Portions Vol. 2 (Idlestates)
  11. Synthetic Pleasures I (Synthetic Pleasures)
  12. Donne Che Corrono Coi Lupi (Osàre! Editions)
  13. The Phantom Images (V Years Anniversary) (Mosaique)
  14. Interzone (Zone)
  15. Tresor 30 (Tresor Records)
  16. Meta Moto 5 (Meta Moto)
  17. Metanoia (Khoinix)
  18. RAW Compilation III: Third Eye (RAW)
  19. MCVA003 (Maison Close)
  20. Anatomy Vol. 1 (Body Musick)

Check out the links to read more about each release and listen. Tomorrow we will publish our list of the best electronic 12″s of the year, so stay tuned.

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