2021 best singles/EPs

We continue sharing our list of 2021 favourites today. This year pressing plants have been struggling to keep up with production, which have meant a lot fewer 45 pressings. There have been a lot great tapes on the other hand.

One label who has definitely been able to keep a strong release schedule anyway is La vida es un mus, who have landed 4 places in our top 20 of singles and EPs. Check out the links to read more and listen to the bands.

  1. Klapper – s/t (Mangel EP)
  2. Snooper – s/t (Goodbye Boozy EP)
  3. Güner Künier – Flexel (Mommys Mistakes EP)
  4. The Serfs – Angelic Ritualistic Cruelty (Market Square EP)
  5. Collate – Medicine (Domestic Departure 7”)
  6. Optic Nerve – In a Fast Car Waving Goodbye (Urge EP)
  7. Barrera – Visiones Nocturnas (La vida es un mus EP)
  8. Habibi – Somewhere They Can’t Find Us (Kill Rock Stars 7”)
  9. Brigitte G. – Secret Earth (Chicago Research EP)
  10. Luz de gas – s/t (Iron Lung EP)
  11. P.E. – The Reason For My Love (Wharf Cat EP)
  12. Taqbir – s/t (La vida es un mus EP)
  13. Body Maintenance – s/t (Unwound 12”)
  14. Dramachine – Συγκινησιακή Πανούκλα (Erste Theke Tonträger EP)
  15. M.A.Z.E. – II (Lumpy EP)
  16. It Thing – Syrup (Marthouse EP)
  17. Koma – Internment Failure (La vida es un mus EP)
  18. Prison Affair & RRC – split (Erste Theke Tontröger EP)
  19. Kohti Touhua – Väkivaltaa (La vida es un mus EP)
  20. Alien Nosejob – HC45-2 (Iron Lung EP)

Only five Australian acts ended up in our list this year, which shows how hard the lockdowns have been for the otherwise thriving underground music scene over there. Several of the bands included here are bands we might not have heard about if you hadn’t told us. That means it pays off to email us if you have a release you’d like us to feature. Our mailbox now has 200+ emails we haven’t checked yet, so please bear with us. Thanks for thinking of us!

A separate list with electronic releases is following soon.

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