Guest mix 2

For our second guest mix ever we’ve enlisted the help of our friend James Lynch from Melbourne. Apart from being an allround good-guy and playing guitar in Kosmetika, he also spends a bunch of time writing Trouble Juice – an online magazine about Australian music. We’re chuffed he found the time to put this together, including many artists I’m a fan of and a couple I hadn’t heard before. Here’s what he says about the mix:

“Despite spending a good deal of my time thinking (kinda) critically about music, I’m not very good at picking favourites and I’m definitely not someone that makes playlists often. So this was a nice opportunity to do a bit of a deep dive into the stuff I’ve been listening to lately, and think a bit about why I like the kind of songs I like! So here you go – 25 songs that have ended up on my mind lately. Music is cool and fun!”

Photo from @cockneytravels.

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