Best of 2021 so far Pt 1

Well, we’ve already gone through half of 2021 so I thought it was a about time for a wrap-up of our favourites so far this year. If you checked out our spring playlist you’ll already have some idea as to what those might be, and we’ve also been posting our ‘album of the month’ on fb each month this year. Let’s kick it off with albums, and there have just been to many great releases to mention. But here’s an attempt at listing the 10 records that have moved us the most.

  1. The Bleak Engineers – Unconscious (Rotation Mécanique)
  2. Filmmaker – Vlad Tapes (Body Musick)
  3. Alice et moi – Drama (L’oeil dans la paume)
  4. Louisahhh – The Practice of Freedom (HE.SHE.THEY.)
  5. Spread Joy – s/t (Feel It)
  6. Cuerina Raw Dry & Chuminga – Baile irracional (Diffuse Reality)
  7. Rolltreppe – s/t (Bachelor)
  8. Privat – Ein Gedächtnis rollt sich auf der Zunge aus (Alter)
  9. Amusement Machine – Manipulations (Body Musick)
  10. Human Figures – Footsteps (BFE)

In addition I’d also like to mention som brilliant releases from Civic, Sugar Candy Mountain, Reymour, Triptides, Fake Fruit, Lysol, Bruxas, Maraudeur, Das Das, Roüge, Cardinal & Nun and Generacion Suicida.

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