Standing In the Shadows Vol. 2


Meanbean Records’ compilation of American and Canadian powerpop Standing In the Shadows was one of the delights of 2021 and here is the second volume. It’s already sold out, but I heard Monorail still has copies. On this LP you’ll find 14 tracks mostly from the 1980-82 era, but with Hot Dates and the glam/powerpop Public Enemy single dating back to the late 70s. As with the previous comp, you’ll find a couple of previously unavailable (on vinyl) tracks like this one from New Movies.

The label has provided the liner notes and also unearthed a video of Statics recorded in 1983. The highlights for me are definitely Uptights from Louisiana, the almost Beatlesque 45 from Canada’s Brandy, The Sighs, Menlo Park and the private press Iron Suite.

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