Thomas Leer & Robert Rental


Here’s a release that could only be described as legendary. The Bridge by Thomas Leer and Robert Rental was a John Peel favourite and a groundbreaking record in terms of bridging post-punk and electronic music. It’s an avantgarde release by two composers from the same small city in Scotland. They moved to London together and released the influential The Bridge on Throbbing Gristle’s label Industrial in 1979. Robert Rental in fact never released much on his own – the 1980 single on Mute being one of few.

This year Mute is reissuing the classic LP, which according to Wikipedia, reached number 9 on the Independent Chart in 1980. The new pressing is shipping out in April. Robert Rental (or Robert Donnachie, real name) sadly passed away two decades ago but Leer is still musically active.

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