2019… a playlist

In anticipation of our “best of 2019” lists, here’s a taste of what’s to come. As usual there has been a wealth of great music not released via mainstreaming services, so obviously it pays off to go back and actually check out our post archive. We’ve never been as active as this year, and we’ve never listened to as much new music as this year. We’ve written about 500 posts, most of which have been about new music. So here’s a playlist with 300 tracks from some our favourite albums, singles and EPs of 2019. Dig in!

According to Spotify, my most played artist of 2019 is Hand Habits, and according to last.fm it was Stereolab. But I’m positive it must have been Filmmaker, whose music I’ve been listening to so much this year. It’s definitely been the biggest new name on the scene this year, with at least five releases on labels all over the world, in just one year.

Here’s the full list:

Do Yeah – Bananagun
By the Light of the Pyramids – Elite Beat
Feels – Black Marble
Papi Chulo – Avalon Lurks
Money – Miquela
C’est de la frénésie – Alice et Moi
Cinderelly – Tommy Genesis
Slave – Moody Beach
Lorelei – Tim Presley, White Fence
Dinosaurs – Ruby Fields
Now Now – P.P. Rebel
Tread on Me – UV Race
Experts in Skin – Constant Mongrel
Sex Doll – Girl Germs
Taking Me For A Ride – Parsnip
Unexpected Plans – Program
The Smallest Incidents – Gamjee
Outta Melbourne – Disco Junk
Your Punk Scene Can Suck It – Cereal Killer
Carbon Copy – Hierophants
With You – REBEL YELL, Exhibitionist
New Uniform – Premium Fantasy
21 N FUN – Mahne Frame
Same – Deb Never
Balenciaga – Princess Nokia
Do You Like What I’m Sayin’? – J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest
Funky I Like It – Babe Rainbow
I’m In Love With You – Jungle Green
I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You – Gena Rose Bruce
parties – Elizabeth
Feelings – Solo Career
My New Career – No Sister
Worms Crawl In – Liquid Face
Nowhere To Go – Synthetics
You Make Me Sick – Ubik
Pretty – Mini Skirt
Who Walks Your Dog? – It Thing
Jaywalker – Gutter Girls
Billy – Eggy
Posture – Vnlvx
Sunfruits – Sunfruits
Mothgirl – Slaylor Moon
Broken Boogaloo – Ghost Funk Orchestra
Still Steeve – L’éclair
How Long Does It Take? – Mildlife
Suì Yè – Yin Yin
Space Drum Machine – The Mauskovic Dance Band
Süpürgesi Yoncadan – Altin Gün
Oy Oy Emine – Derya Yildirim, Grup Şimşek
Fading Cosmos – Jacco Gardner
Buzz – Hopi
Salt & Pepper – DOPE LEMON
The Experimenter – Thee Oh Sees
The Fall – Ty Segall
Sequence – CFM
No Brain No Pain – LTD
Turning into You – Kelley Stoltz
Pigeon – Faye Webster
Allergies – Stella Donnelly
pacify – Hand Habits
Green Eyes – Chris Cohen
All up 2 U – Cowgirl Clue
Dreamland Ops – Filmmaker
Not Ready 4 This – V
Ecstasy – Sneaks
So Much Better – Carla dal Forno
This ↑ – Mikey Young
Invenção – Boogarins
Badge Theme – Badge Époque Ensemble
Mesafeler – Hey! Douglas
Error 404 – JVNO Remix – L’Impératrice, JVNO
Honey – Drugdealer, Weyes Blood
Fortune Teller – Brijean
Middle Of The Night – Porpoise Spit
Luv Always – Young Guv
Lost a Year – Mikal Cronin
17 – Traffik Island
Come My Habibi – Habibi
Now I Know Why – Susan (LA)
Walkie Talkie – Wand
Red-headed Girlfriend – The Cowboys
Plastic at Home – Flat Worms
Chromo-Zone – Gee Tee
Pyramid Estate – Drahla
Domesticated Animal – BODEGA
Anyways – FEELS
It’s Alive – Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice
Pleasure – Frankie and the Witch Fingers
Gemini – HEXDEBT
School – R.M.F.C.
Company Man – Vintage Crop
Right Swipe – U-Bahn
Don’t Want It – Pinch Points
Real 1 – Slag Queens
Geodesic Son – Uranium Club
Peak Hour Traffic – The Living Eyes
Hologram – Tacocat
P1nk Sungl4sses – Tamara & the Dreams
Damsel – Twen
High Over Love – Sunscreen
Free To Air – Body Type
Shooting Star – Pool Shop
Break It Apart – Lou Rebecca
Show Me More – Girl Ray
Blue Pine – MUNYA
They Say – Hoops
Actress – Hana Vu
Alexandra – RVG
Dead Valentine – Heavy Lids
Incorporeal – Max Jardany
Be Strange – WURVE
Space Invader – The Woolen Men
Erased – Radioactivity
Selling, Sucking, Blackmail, Bribes – CIVIC
Bond Clean – Alien Nosejob
The World in Handcuffs – Ausmuteants
Anxiety – MEAT
Who Comes Next? – ARSE
You Don’t Exist – Surfbort
Miserable Moan – Ascot Stabber
Got You – Amyl and The Sniffers
Inside Outside – The Buoys
Bimbo – The Coathangers
Habits – Barrie
Montego – Frank LoCrasto
Days Go By – Men I Trust
I’d Better – Instrumental – Cold Diamond & Mink
Telepathetic – Saba Lou
Quiero – Divino Niño
Centuries – Queen of Jeans
Fail Safe – William Tyler
New Paranoid Cat – Chris Forsyth
The Man Who Dealt With the Devil – Psychic Bloom
Get Along (I Hope That You Do) – The Young Sinclairs
Ooh Child – levitation room
Poor Condition – Michael Nau
Nina – WOW
Koblevska A.R. – Chillera
Flight of the Cormorant – Andrew Wasylyk
Crystal Mava – Matt Valentine
Seven Chakras – Joe Ghatt
Overstayed Your Welcome – BATTS
Right Down the Line – Sam Evian
This Time Around – Jessica Pratt
Cobweb – Ruby Haunt
Hey Big Eyes – Caroline Polachek
Being a Woman – Sui Zhen
Planet Blue – Amy O
Roddy – Djo
Feel – Candy
As You Disappear – Basic Plumbing
House Deposit – House Deposit
Snubblar genom drömmar – Skiftande Enheter
Pictures of the Moon – Mope Grooves
Copper Woman – Gauche
Stupid – Lavette
Bitch Fight – Pistol Peaches
Dykes to Watch out For – Dump Him
Summertime – Ariel View
Silly Girl – Voiid
I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus – beabadoobee
Darts – Culte
No One – Holiday Party
In the Night – Gauci
Lavender – Poolroom., Moody Beach
Mr Gravity – Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks
Daydream – Black Boboi
Small Birds – California Girls
Electric – Boy Harsher
Private Syns – Moon B
Lost Heads – Moon Duo
Mantra Moderne – Kit Sebastian
My Cats – Perlinki
Ångrar inget – Monokultur
Iron Efficiency – EXEK
The Midnight Underground – Crime of Passing
Electric Heat – Frustration
If I Die – Stonefield
Ladder – Fabienne DelSol
Call of Creation – Triptides
So Alone – The Pinheads
Leave It Behind – The Spyrals
Playing On The Radio – The Shivas
U Don’t Talk – Charm
Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again – Baby Shakes
Society of Inner Nothing – Comet Gain
Mould Lines – Thigh Master
Eggs – Terry
Rings (On A Tree) – Frankie Cosmos
Visions – The Umbrellas
I’m on My Way – Marble Arch
Looks Like Gold – Tracy Bryant
Orbiting Luigi – Possible Humans
Won’t Say It’s Over – Charlie Collins
Get To It – Tia Gostelow
New Love Cassette – Angel Olsen
In A Time Of Doubt – Kacy & Clayton
Ancestors Watching – Purple Pilgrims
Hummingbird – Bedouine
Designer – Aldous Harding
Weird Glow – Sarah Bethe Nelson
Did You Need Someone – Doug Tuttle
Death of a Season – Electric Looking Glass
Night Drive – Pipe-eye
Darkness Surrender – The Mattson 2
Inizgam – Mdou Moctar
Bad Trip – Khana Bierbood
Leash – Desire
Edible Spore – Draggs
Trapped on a Planet – Urochromes
Stray Dogs – Golden Pelicans
Cia – Trampoline Team
Fucking Beef Kebab – Circus Variety Act
Floss – Gomme
Dog Bone – Echo Ohs
Sniper – LVIV
Fuck Me Up – GRLwood
Still Exist – Necking
Keep Cup – Slush
Cats – Feverfew
Girlfriend Degree – The Paranoyds
Choking to Choose – Cable Ties
Snake Eyes – Powerplant
I Love You, Fine – Automatic
No More Summer – Prettiest Eyes
Lies Lies Lies – Hearts and Rockets
March – Olivia Neutron-John
Patent Leather – Too Much
Flies in the Cemetery – Public Interest
Inseguridad – Generacion Suicida
I Don’t Mind – The Night Times
Crude Love – Max Pain and the Groovies
Color Blue – Las Rosas
Please Run Away With Me – Jungle Green
Hand in Glove – Kim Gray
Captain Unsensible – Vacation
Eyes – Ambar Lucid
Bodiez – Sara King
Yellow Sunshine – Mexico City Blondes
Oof – Inner Wave
The Things Themselves – Holy Hive, Mary Lattimore, SASAMI
Falling in Love – Bobby Oroza
Keep The Change – Mattiel
Saving All Your Love – Camp Claude
Two Eyes – Nicole Yun
Baby Come Home – Reptaliens
Dreaming The Dark – Tamaryn
Mercier – Death and Vanilla
The Way to Heaven (feat. M. Remy) – Dolly Dream, M. Remy
L’hawaïenne – La Femme
Night of the Worm Moon – Shana Cleveland
Couldn’t Tell – Eerie Wanda
You Needed Love, I Needed You – Angelo De Augustine
Olympic Girls – Tiny Ruins
La femme à la peau bleue – Vendredi sur Mer
Living Things Don’t Last – Patience
Femme est la nuit – Clea Vincent
Single Right Now – Tami T
acid & coca-cola – angelic milk
I do not do I – Bambina
Good Girls Do Bad Things – Lucia & The Best Boys
Pretty Pure – whenyoung
Everything – Winter
Midnight – Tallies
Baby – T-Rextasy
Want You – Tight Knit
Laurel – Froth
Pen Name – The Stroppies
Break A – Vital Idles
Suspicion – N0V3L
Damages – Corners
Beaver Love – The Staches
L’appel Du Vide – The Intelligence
Subterranean Skies – Le Villejuif Underground
Holloway Road – Hygiene
Ugly Faces – The Snakes
Office Rage – Control Top
Be Suburban – Leather Lickers
Shit Girlfriend – Shit Girlfriend
Drop Kick Heartache – Faux Ferocious
Positively Negative – Dirty Burger
Only My Own – DIÄT
Planet B – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Greeneyed Pigmen (Get the Blade) – Sunwatchers
Toll Free – Big Supermarket
Terri – Hash Redactor
Eyes On Me – Night Beats
Can’t Get Through to My Head – The Mystery Lights
Crippled View – Dream Phases
Busy Bleeding – The Gooch Palms
Sweeter – TV Party
In the Summer – Lisa Marr, Tranzmitors
New England – Jane Church
Before You’re Gone – The Resonars
Microscopie – Corridor
Networking – Dragnet
Stop! – The Side Eyes

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