PLX 2023

Just like last year, we’re happy to say that we will be reporting from the Swedish festival PLX. It’s kicking off tomorrow on the island of Tjärö, with a wealth of unknown and well-known names on the lineup.

A couple of the big names this year are Gabrielle Kwarteng (pictured) from the US and Surgeon from the UK. Stella Zekri (Cocktail d’Amore) and Jesse G (Tresor) both based in Berlin, are also gracing the open air dance floor.

There are plenty of notable bands performing too, not just great DJs. For example legendary German artist Pole as well as Islandman from Turkey. Among the Swedish artists we are mostly looking forward to the psychedelia of Kanot, Miranda Magdalena as well as Vargkvint. You’ll even get a chance to see Taiwanese artist Sabiwa, who is currently based in Berlin.

Check out the official playlist here:

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