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Here’s the next podcast, which is full of soft rock and psychedelic sounds. Had a bit more fun mixing this since most of the cuts are mid-tempo. Geographically, it’s dominated by the US and a few representatives of the San Francisco scene (like the pre-Harpers Bizarre group The Tikis). Then there’s a few UK psych pop pearls from The End, The Young Idea and late Swinging Blue Jeans. The Dutch pop up with The Resident and my new favourite Dutch singer Bojoura, whose 1968 album Night Flight, Night Sight is stellar. Also, a couple from Spain and France as a matter of fact. Ronnie Dante is of course same singer who later found fame as The Archies’ frontman. Charity Shayne was involved with the Charles Manson Family and arrested after the murders at Roman Polanski’s house. As with the previous podcast, a few of these will turn up in my set tomorrow, consisting of my 50 favourite songs I’ve heard this year.


Baker Knight & The Knightmares – Hallucinations (Reprise)
Heaven & Earth – A Light Is Shining (Ovation)
The Swinging Blue Jeans – Now the Summer’s Gone (HMV Pop)
The Tikis – Happy With You (Big Beat)
The Sons of Champlin – It’s Gonna Rain (Big Beat)
Blackburn & Snow – It’s So Hard (Ace)
Charity Shayne – Ain’t It Babe (Autumn)
Smokey and His Sister – Please Stay Awhile (Sundazed)
Jeanette – Escucha (Hispavox)
Bojoura – Everybody’s Day (Polydor)
The Residents – Gabrielle (Tania)
Stone Circus – Carnival of Love (Mainstream)
Collage – Dreams (Cream)
The End – What Does It Feel (Decca)
Albert Band – Ella Tiene El Cabello Runio (Belter)
Darius – Shades of Blue (Chartmaker)
Keith – Mind If I Hang Around (Mercury)
Mutual Understanding – I’m Old Fashioned (Nimbus 9)
The Young Idea – Just to Love Her (Music For Pleasure)
Teddy Neeley Five – Autumn Afternoon (Capitol)
Ronnie Dante – I’ll Give You Things (Columbia)
Del Shannon – Stand Up (Liberty)
Dani – Partir Pour La Lune (Ducretet-Thomson)
The New Tweedy Brothers – I See You’re Looking Fine (Ridon)

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