From Linz to Lavarone

After playing at London’s Hidden Door Club earlier this year, I’m extremely pleased to tell you that I am also DJing at two amazing weekenders this year. The first one is the Two Men From L.I.N.Z. mod weekender in Linz on the Rhein in Germany. It’ll be my first visit and I’m honoured to be there as a DJ my very first time. Some of the other DJs are Rob Baily, Sukie Saturday and Bill Kealy and French Boutik are playing live on a riverboat.


Later in the year, around Halloween as usual, Lavarone in the Italian alps turn into a psychedlic mod mayhem. I’ve been there for a few years already so I know it’s a big deal to be playing there. I’ll be playing in the afternoons and at the mod ballroom on the Monday night. It’s a dream come true really.


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