Today is my birthday, so what better time than today to finish of our list-making period. This is the final end-of-year list and on this one you will find the 20 best electronic LPs from within the genres that we cover. We don’t actually know what those are, but they definitely include electro, EBM/techno, breakbeat, ambient and experimental hard dance and trance. Many of the artists on this list I feel operate in a similar territory, regardless of how you want to describe it.

Three of the most prolific artists of the year are Penelope’s Fiance from Greece, Anna Funk Damage from Italy and Damaged Clock from Colombia. They’ve both put out a lot of new music, but I’ve only featured one record from each artist here.

Best electronic albums of 2021

  1. Dame Area – Ondas Tribales (Mannequin)
  2. Louisahhh – The Practice of Freedom (He.She.They.)
  3. Filmmaker – Vlad Tapes (Body Musick)
  4. Cuerina Raw Dry & Chuminga – Baile irracional (Diffuse Reality)
  5. Dalibor Cruz – Riddled With Absence (Natural Sciences)
  6. The Bleak Engineers – Unconscious (Rotation Mécanique)
  7. Privat – Ein Gedächtnis rollt sich auf der Zunge aus (Alter)
  8. Roüge – Ultimatum (Detriti)
  9. DJ Beverly Hill$ – LSD_1 (Dysphoria)
  10. Sophie du Palais – Endurance of Pain Is the Power of Being (BFE)
  11. Mala Herba – Demonologia (aufnahme+wiedergabe)
  12. Amusement Machine – Manipulations (Body Musick)
  13. Damaged Clock – Fire (OSM)
  14. Penelope’s Fiance – Committed to a Lost Cause (Phage)
  15. Cold Beat – War Garden (self-released)
  16. Rudiment – Russian Album (Rotation Mécanique)
  17. Nite Fleit – The Present (Atomic Alert)
  18. Anna Funk Damage – Hearts Still Beating (Phormix)
  19. Nghtly – Animi Introversi (Home Mort)
  20. Raw Ambassador – Die Zukunft (Idlestates)

Check out the links to read about the release and listen. If you want to hear more of the best electro of 2021, check out our playlist where we have compiled tracks from the 60 electronic releases we’ve featured in our lists this year. After that the playlist continues with further 2021 recommendations (showcasing a total of 200 artists all in all).

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