_.qIt’s time for the final entry in our 80s hits series for this year. The time has come to introduce ZYX, the duo consisting of Inge Graf and Walter Eberl. They formed in Vienna as early as 1977 but in 1981 they finally released their only album Trust No Woman. Today it is a classic of the minimal wave genre but if was of course experimental for its time.

The albums was reissued by Klanggalerie 15 years ago, but wasn’t available on vinyl until Dark Entries made it happen in 2017. The original 10-track LP came out on the OK Musica label. A second LP appeared four years later under the name Graf+Zyx. A few years ago Klanggalerie unveiled a follow-up: Programmmusik 2. This is a collection of unreleased material from 1978-86.

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