Peaceful Coalition

The esteemed Numero Group label have been working hard to unearth the music of Jim Kirchstein’s Sauk City recording studio. Cuca Records and its sublabels such as Night Owl, Sara and Top Gun have been emerging into the digital realm thanks to their hard work. One of the most obscure imprints was the Age of Aquarius label which only saw a handful of releases 1970-1971, including an amazing LP from The Corporation. The standout release is the 45 by The Peaceful Coalition, which is my most treasured record. The dancefloor destroyer “False Alarm Love”, previously compiled on Le Beat Bespoke is now available through bandcamp.

I’ve added some of the tunes hanging about our soundcloud profile into a couple of playlists. Here’s one including the track above and other favourites from my DJ box throughout the years.


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My name is Patrick Murphy and I wrote/co_wrote both sides of
Of Peaceful Coalition’s record and played guitar, organ, and sang harmony vocals.

Wow thanks for getting in touch Partick! What a tune. I’ve updated the link now as well!

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