Blueboy was a band and recording project of Keith Girdler and Paul Stewart originally from Reading. Their first few attempts as music (and they were rather splendid) came out under the name Feverfew. But after hooking up with Bristol label Sarah, they soon developed into a full band and released three LPs during the course of the 90s.

Over the last few years, A Colourful Storm in Australia have quietly been reissuing the albums, and back in spring the series was completed with this double-LP compiling all their non-album singles. “Clearer” is still one of the most beautiful 45s I own and I think it’s great to hear it in the company of later, much more production-heavy pieces like the Saint Etiennesque “Hit” from from 1994.

Singles 1991​-​1998 is an essential reissue for anyone unwilling to shell out for the original singles release by Sarah and Shinkansen. Girdler passed away in 2007 and was payed a fitting tribute with the Siesta compilation Country Music (Songs For Keith Girdler) the following year.

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