Two of my new favourite bands are from Australia, and I like them even more than their male countrymen in Bitch Prefect and Dud Pills. Hissey Miyake (named after Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, although they’re now called Glow) are from Melbourne and have just released their first single, which is a split with the equally great Terrible Truths from Adelaide. It would be easy to dismiss/praise them as Teenage Jesus & the Jerks and Delta 5 copyists, but closer listens will reveal much more originality than that. Recent live clips from the single launch (as well as the video above) suggest that Hissey Miyake have become a duo (Glow) by ridding themselves of the drummer. If this will prove successful remains to be heard.

Terrible Truths on the other hand, are going strong with a brand new US single (out now on Mexican Summer) featuring “Don Juan” from the split and an a-side lifted off their first domestic release (a s/t ep from last year, which is now sold out). The split-7″ with HM is still avaible from Bedroom Suck, and here’s a great track from the Terrible Truths side.



You wrote an article about Hissey Miyake a few years ago. Just letting you know that Lei and Mai are still playing as a duo under the name glovv (pronounced glow). They also have another band called Stationary Suns.

Here are some links –

Glovv LP –

Stationary Suns 7inch –

Thanks, Casey

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Melbourne, Australia

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