Chalk Circle


It’s almost been ten years since the uncovered recordings by Washington DC group Chalk Circle (not the Canadian hit group) were released in a joint effort by Post Present Medium and Mississippi Records. Chalk Circle was built around the songwriting of Sharon Cheslow and Mary Green and they were the first band on the local punk scene (that included Bad Brains) with no men in their line-up. They only ever played four shows but would surely have become as well-known as The Slits or The Raincoats if they hadn’t split up in 1983. Six of the songs on Reflection were recorded in the legendary Inner Ear studio in the hope that Dischord would release a Chalk Circle 45. That never happened and they ended up on a couple of compilations.

Now this series have been running long enough that we’ve decided to make a playlist with some of the artists that have music online. You’re welcome.

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