Carola Baer

Carola Baer is a British musician who is originally from London but was living in San Francisco in the 90s. It was there that she recorded what became The Story of Valerie – an 11-track LP released via Portland label Concentric Circles in 2018, with a repress last year.

The story behind the album is fascinating to say the least. Inspired by the liked of Dead Can Dance, Baer originally herself released a tape of her songs in 1991. This tape consisted of 13 songs, was just called Carola Baer and was apparently only dubbed on a single cassette. The cassette turned up in a charity shop 27 years later and got the artist a record deal.

Baer formed a duo later in the 90s called Flowers For Delia and she is still active today. She is not back in the UK and performed with Ruby Dawn, who have yet to release anything.

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