3RRR #4

Tomorrow night it’s time to revisit RRR here in Melbourne for another Graveyard Shift radio show. This will be the 4th hosted by Record Turnover so we’ve cooked up something different for our listeners. It’ll be a themed show about these Noir Times, to paraphrase Filmmaker, who played here just over a week ago – one of the last concerts I caught before everything got cancelled. You’ll get to hear a bunch of new music from labels like PAN, Posh Isolation, Post Present Medium, Dais and Sweat Equity.

You can now listen back to the full 4 hour show here. Playlist below:

01 Filmmaker – Pit of Souls (Opal Tapes)
02 Cable – NC-17 
03 Black Dresses – Bloom
04 Alberich – Unity House (Hospital Productions)
05 Pharmakon – Deprivation (Sacred Bones)
06 Consumer Electronics – Afterfits (Harbinger Sound)
07 Gareth Davis & Merzbow – Yabata Frog (Moving Furniture)
08 Throbbing Gristle – Dead On Arrival (Industrial)
09 Sierra – She (Lazerdiscs)
10 Garçons – Tartarus

11 Ptwiggs – Leads to Nowhere (Eternal)
12 The Pom-Poms – Kinetic Energy (Pretty Wavvy)
13 Cobrah – Debut (Gagball)
14 Essential Logic – Stay High (Kill Rock Stars)
15 Masumi Hara – To Live In the Sea (Numero Group)
16 Yuji Toriyama – Stranger In the Mirror (Time Capsule)
17 Body Corp – Soft Expression (Soothsayer)
18 Andras – Live Forever (Beats In Space)
19 Haruomi Hosono – Madam Consul General of Madras (LIA)
20 Low Life – Dream Machine (Alter – Total Control remix)
21 Tangerine Dream – She’s My Sister (Resurrection I) (BSX)

22 Pedestrian Deposit – What Can’t Be Given (Monorail Trespassing)
23 Internazionale – 24h (Posh Isolation)
24 Puce Mary – The Size Of Our Desires (Posh Isolation)
25 Roll the Dice & Glasser – Elevate (New Black)
26 Lussuria – With Bated Breath (Bird In Hand) (Hospital Production)
27 Brannten Schnüre – Unter dem Schnee (Youdonthavetocallitmusic)
28 Syko Friend – Earth Spit (Post Present Medium)
29 Iona Fortune – Tong Reng (Ecstatic)
30 Pod Blotz – Lights In the Middle of Nowhere (Dais)
31 Hiro Kone – Shatter the Gangue of Piety (Dais)
32 Carter Tutti Void – T 3.2 (Conspiracy Intl)

33 The Empire Line – Daddy Issues (Bassiani)
34 Macy Rodman – Ice Giant (Sweat Equity)
35 Nkisi – VI (UIQ)
36 Can – Father Cannot Yell (Music Factory)
37 Behavior – My Ten Cents (Post Present Medium)
38 Rubber Blanket – Mondrian (Spacecase)
39 Klein – Claim It (ijn)
40 Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Four (PAN)
41 Caterina Barbieri – Pinnacles of You (Editions Mego)
42 Rebel Yell – Nerve Ending (FALK)

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