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Here’s the latest mix from me, featuring some 12-string favourites – a bit more heavy on the folk side than my Bitter Bells series, which featured 12-string garage 45s. Some of these were mastered by Colin Mason – thanks! The cover features an sculpture by Finnish artist Jiri Geller.


The Rose Garden – If My World Falls Through
Sunset Love – Reach Out
The Penthouse 5 – You’re Always Around
The Byrds – It’s No Use
Dennis & The Times – Flight Patterns
Jan Ashton – Cold Dreary Morning
The Us – How Can I Tell Her
The Tikis – Darkest Night of the Year
Modern Folk Quintet – If All You Think
The All Nite Flight – Here I Stand
The Girls – Here I Am In Love Again
The Mojo Men – You Didn’t Even Say Goodbye
The Ashes – Dark On You Now
Velvet Seed – Sharon Patterson
The Contents Are – In Trouble
Ill Wind – Waking In the Water
Charity Shayne – Ain’t It Babe
Linda Pierre King – Hard Lovin’ Babe
The Trodden Path (miscredited) – In This World I Need Love
Blackburn & Snow – Stranger In a Strange Land
The Hustlers – Destination Nowhere
The Roosters – She Sends Me
Sandy Coast – I’m a Fool
The Night Flight – To Color Turn
The WordD – Today Is Just Tomorrow’s Yesterday
Neighb’rhood Childr’n – I Need Love
The Hollies – So Lonely
The Choir – Don’t Change Your Mind
The Gremlins – The Only Thing On My Mind
The Kirkbys – Don’t You Want Me No More

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