Winter playlist

We’re slightly past the middle of Winter here in Sweden, but there’s still going to be three more months of grey and dampness. So what better time to break out a winter playlist. Especially since the beginning of the year has felt even more bleak with the passing of several brilliant artists, much much too early in their lives. This mix, called La oscuridad is dedicated to Juan (Silent Servant) and Luis (The Soft Moon). With the hope that things will start to look less dark again before not too long.


  1. Anne Clark – Our Darkness
  2. Plague Pits – Polyéthylène
  3. Wvalaam Klous – Everything Dies
  4. Efe Ce Ele – Walking Thru the Bad Dream
  5. Dot Drama – Traffic Time
  6. Cabaret Voltaire – Diskono
  7. Gauci – Dead Afraid
  8. Glorious Din – Insects
  9. Made In Poland – To tylko kobieta
  10. Trabant – Tangó +2
  11. Phew – Doze
  12. Dim Garden – In Sorrow
  13. Chalk Circle – Uneasy Friend
  14. Chrome – Anti-Fade
  15. Shadowplay – Eyes Like Hell
  16. Ces Cadaveres – Postrados
  17. Recht auf Rausch – Das Ende dieser Welt
  18. Sympathy Nervous – Automatic Type
  19. Diseno Corbusier – Le Chat
  20. Tolerance -Sacrifice
  21. Dame Area – Danza dell’Equilibrio
  22. Parade Ground – Fall Incognito
  23. Iron Curtain – One December Day
  24. Silent Servant – Lust Abandon
  25. The Soft Moon – Bones

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