Best Swedish releases of 2019

Damn, I forgot to mention our little side list of the best Swedish releases of the year in my previous posts. Skiftande Enheter from Gothenburg actually released two great mini-albums in 2019, but I’ve only included the first here. Dirty Burger also did two great 45s on their own label. Read my interview with Skiftande Enheter here and the Dirty Burger interview here. Sparky Pony released the new EP just yesterday, and you can check out a Q&A with them too. Kvasar is probably my favourite new band from Sweden, don’t miss their live sets around Sweden early next year. I did an interview with them back in September.

Lavette – In the Soup (self-released)

Skiftande Enheter – s/t 12” (Levande Begravd)

Dirty Burger – Drained 7” (Spacebucks)

Katzengold – Silverfishes (Rundgång)

Death and Vanilla – Are You a Dreamer? (Fire)

Sea Lion – Pass This Way (self-released)

Tami T – High-Pitched and Moist (Trannytone)

Curses – Carcassonne (Höga Nord)

Kvasar – s/t EP (self-released)

Sparkly Pony – Cry Club EP (Norm)

Shitkid – [Detention] (Pnkslm)

Monokultur – s/t (Ever/Never)

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