Mala Herba

Mala Herba is the darkwave project of Polish artist Zosia Holubowska, now based in Vienna, Austria. While Holubowska has mainly been active on bandcamp so far, apart from a contribution to Syntetyk’s compilation House of Troubles from earlier this year. But that’s going to change in January with the release of debut album Demonologia on aufnahme+wiedergabe. You can listen to two of the tracks here – one mainly instrumental and “Wszystko Marność” which means ‘everything is vanity’. About the release, Holubowska has said: “On one hand, I wanted to deal with the tension between being from Poland and being queer […] the other hand, I am not nationalistic nor a big fan of borders in general so it was very confusing to experience xenophobia as a Polish migrant and make sense of my rage and pain”.

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