Best of 2024 so far

The summer season not only means our usual summer mix arriving, it’s also a good time to round up what’s been the best releases of the year so far. So without fanfare, here are our ten favourites (in no particular order) within four categories.

Electronic EPs

Legit Girl DJ – This Is the Lake We Live On EP (N/A)
Isabella Koen – Cracked, Serving Assorted Sweets Make Heaven 12” (Brutaz)
Salome – Hacker 12” (Herrensauna)
Sue Lèwig – Sol EP (BPitch)
Emma Dowdy – Nausea EP (Curiosity Pill)
Spiderwrap – Ad Infinitum 7” (Spektator)
DJ §piral – Cruelty of Fate CS (Puppy Tapes)
Matryoshka – Trash Angel (N/A)
Nevermore – Untitled 12” (Letzter Küss des Engels)
Draag – Untitled EP (Physt)

Electronic LPs

Karmasmatik – Matter Defiance (Mrama Division)
Cunt Remember – Forest Schranz (Magdalena’s Apathy)
DJ Loser – Cosmic Serpent (DNA)
Might Be Twins – Lonely (Nerve Trax)
World Experience Center – 27​:​01​:​2024 (Post-Hoc)
Speare – Euphoria Campane (Magdalena’s Apathy)
Filmmaker – Land of Hidden Variables (Opal)
Anetha – Mothearth (Mama Told Ya)
Roüge – Legacy (Midnight Mana)
Nebuchadnezzar – Live At the White Hotel (Reel Torque)


V.A. Vol. 1 (Alliance)
Evolving Horizons (No Borders)
Vertical Archery (Splinter Cell)
Truth-Trance (Spektator)
VA001 (TM8)
Code Eon (Magdalena’s Apathy)
VA V (Sunthoid)
Dear Ghod (Lost Domain)
Under the Silver Ashes (Iridium)
V.A. 01 (Yarrow Ballet)

Post-punk and other EPs

Faerybabyy – Lucky Star EP (N/A)
Young Team – Demo CS (Billo)
Gauci – Growing Pains EP (N/A)
Aus – Der Sch​ö​ne Schein 7” (Static Age)
Snooper & Prison Affair – tour split-7” (Static Shock/Under the Gun)
Disintegration – In Your Diary EP (N/A)
Phantasm – Conflict Reality 7” (Hardcore Victim)
Vidro – Upp till dans 7” (Beach Impediment/Push My Buttons)
Awful – 4 Songs CS (Negative Bias)
Paperniks – Oxygen Tank Flipper 7” (Market Square)

Post-punk and other LPs

Repent – s/t (N/A)
J McFarlane’s Reality Guest – Whoopee (Night School/Felt Sense)
V/A – Letters Sewn Through Another (Sair)
Drahla – Angeltape (Captured Tracks)
V/A – Venus Rising From the Sea (Doyenne)
Tot Onyx – Satire of Desire (Antibody)
Fuera De Sektor – Juegos Prohibidos (La vida es un mus)
Klapper – High For No Reason (Mangel)
Daniella Ljungsberg – I Do Care (Orthodox)
Diode – II (Under the Gun)

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