Yarrow Ballet comp

Yarrow Ballet is the Dutch label run by Ofra, and who put out the excellent Dim Garden LP last year. Last month they put out their very first compilation ​V.​A. 01– which is the first in a series. The cassette sold out fast but you can still enjoy the 10 tracks digitally.

Amongst others you’ll find classic electro artists like Legowelt, Betonkust and Dissemblance here, but also more experimental minimal wave and coldwave stuff. Den Haag producer and DJ Pasiphae played with Ofra at Grauzone back in the fateful year of 2020. Glaring from Germany (pictured) makes some kind of post-shoegaze and Geier aus Stahl teams up with Mme Psychosis for a piece of eerie dub. Dim Garden also returns to the label with a beautiful piece of dungeon synth.

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