Dumbest Summer

There’s usually a playlist on here every summer, at least I have a habit of making one for myself every year. This year it arrives a bit late perhaps, but yesterday was also the first day of my summer holiday so in a way the timing is perfect. This playlist holds 40 tracks that are perfect for blasting from your festival camp. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to at least one more festival this summer. It’s all bouncy beats, groovy post-punk and sunny pop songs.

The track from Laure Briard was playing in my ears when I was on the train from Amsterdam back in February and it felt like the first day of summer. Vixen also appeared in the two-part summer mix I made a few months ago, but this track is so good it deserves the double exposure. And I just saw Alice Glass and Debbie Sings at Roskilde Festival. Check the full tracklist below.

Image from artist Jean-Vincent Simonet.


Gauci – Irritating
Kim Petras – Claws
zpectrum – Dafire (Megatronic rework)
100 Gecs – Dumbest Girl Alive
Mischluft – Burnin
Brutalismus 3000 – Je n’existe pas
Buffalo In Crime – Let It Go
horsegiirL – Green Grass (Intro)
Cailin Russo – Boys Taste Like Drugs
Neggy Gemmy – Black Ferrari
Debbie Sings – Put a Smile on Me
LustSickPuppy – Ride It
Stripclab – Diabla
Lake Haze – He Called Himself the Italo Legend
Zanias – Burial
Maraschino – Eraser
SDH – Talk In Dreams
Julia Bondar & Rebeka Warrior – Ouvre les yeux
The Operator – Platonic Love
Robbie & Mona – Wenders
Pearly Drops – My Ashes Blow Away
Eternal Dust – Absinthe
Rocky – Repeater
Sweeping Promises – Walk In Place
Blues Lawyer – Understood
Wednesday – Quarry
The Whiffs – Tired of Romance
Laure Briard – Ne pas trop rester bleue
Faerybabyy – I Could Never Stay Mad At You
Disintegration – Time Moves For Me
Nice Biscuit – I Feel Love (radio edit)
Nuovo Testamento – Love Lines
Belgrado – Tu i Teraz
Videotraum – Du & Ich
Vixen – Good Girls’ Anthem
Boys Noize, Pussy Riot & Alice Glass – Chastity
DJ Dee – Freaking Out
Mha Iri – Have a Nice Trip
System Olympia – Jade Stones
Caroline Polachek – Sunset

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[…] Robbie & Mona is a duo from Bristol who channel some of their forebears Portishead penchant for heavy moods – pairing it with a sparkly 80s production a la Prefab Sprout. Their self-produced debut came out on the local label and event series Spinny Nights in 2021 and the follow-up Tusky came out in March this year. I’m not sure how I first came across them but their music is perfect for a lazy summer evening. We included the Wim Wenders tribute “Wenders” on our 2023 summer playlist. […]

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