2022 best electronic 12″/EP

We start off this year’s lists with what is probably the most difficult one. Our first list out of four is focused on electronic releases in the short format – so singles/EPs/12″s, and there have been plenty of those. This year has also seen an increase in our coverage of electronic releases, up from roughly 50-50 to 60-40.

The 12″ is still the main medium for releasing dance music so it’s been really hard to whittle the list of amazing releases from this year down to just 15. But here we go – and each entry is linked to the relevant post.

Top 15 releases

  1. DJ Valentimes & Draag – split 12” (Voight-Kampff)
  2. Kilbourne – Cathedrals EP (PRSPCT)
  3. Truthspeaker – Inhale 10” (Ectopic)
  4. Strahinja Arbutina – Growth Is Not Linear EP (Low Income $quad)
  5. Rut Fessler – Netherending 7” (Puppy)
  6. Nara – Fuoriorario EP (Evar)
  7. Swan Meat – Blood Supernova (N/A)
  8. DJ Frankie – Alone 12” (Fantastic Voyage)
  9. Negroni Nails – Slow Motion Drip 12” (Klakson)
  10. DJ Valentimes & DJ §piral – split 10” (BRKN)
  11. DJ Loser – Tempo Mortifero EP (Magdalena’s Apathy)
  12. Reinhaudt – Misanthropia 12” (3CB)
  13. Might Be Twins – Pls Say Its 4 Real (Brvtalist)
  14. Light Trap – Ex Nihilo EP (Spektator)
  15. Claire’s Accessories – Gold Stud EP (Optimism Is Out to Get You)

Notable Swedish releases

Persona Non Grata – Trauma EP (Mosaique)
Madwoman – Guided By Shadows EP (Brvtalist)
DJ Lily – Spirallng Pleasures EP (Jujuka)

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