Intonal 2023

This year’s edition of the Intonal festival in Malmö is almost upon us. Since this year’s program is even more obscure than usual, we’ve been digging into some of the artists and performers we didn’t know. The festival kicks off on the 26th of April with an “ambient assembly” event. One of the artists is Danish ambient producer Hviledag (pictured), who released a new album on Janushoved last month, called S​ø​gen Ad Brugte Ruter. The album features Sofie Birch, who has performed at Intonal previously

On the 27th Valentina Magaletti is of course performing in St. Johannes church – which I am really looking forward to after her appearance last year with Holy Tongue and as a DJ. But the first main day of the festival also offers music from Julius from Gothenburg and Elvin Brandhi from Wales. The latter was a name I didn’t recognise, but it turns out she’s also part of Yeah You and Avril Spleen who have both released music on Opal Tapes. Brandhi is a noise and sound artist and has a new album out soon under her own name.

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