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Here it is. Our summer playlist for 2024 – which I have been working on off-and-on for over a month. I have to say, this is probably the list I’m most pleased with since 2019. We have a few repeats from last year just looking at the artists included. Horsegiirl, Gauci and Faerybabyy and Vixen were on there in 2023 too.

Otherwise, we got 35 tracks in total and trust me I’ve removed a lot of great tracks. Apart from 90s legend Poison Girl Friend (named after the Momus LP), almost everything is from this year. That includes my favourite track of the year, by Dylan Kenway and Predacid (I played this at Jolene recently). And yes, there is a lot of trance but that’s just where the world is heading.



Legit Girl DJ – Superstargirl
Miss Jay – Get2me
Varg²™ & Golin – Venom of Ages / (愛は死よりも冷たい)
Clair – Keep Me Steady
Eloi & Choribaby – Avant La Fuite
Faerybabyy – my life’s a movie (derogatory)
Gauci – Come Around
TDJ – Come Back Home
Poison Girl Friend – Hardly Ever Smile (Without You)
Maara – Who Let the Girls Out?
Elisa Bee – Yes Yes
Thelma – 18 Missed Calls
Charli XCX – Hello Goodbye
Maya Hirasedo – Side Piece
A Portal to Jump Through – Kiss Loneliness Deep and Slow
J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest – Sensory
Th Blisks – Enchancity
Swan Meat – House Absolute
Vixen – Snapdragon
Happysadgirl & H369 – Fragile Like Me
Caiva – Danger In Your Eyes (The Countdown)
HorsegiirL – Obsessed
Dylan Kenway & Predacid – Is It Really Love
Nene H & Bubblegun – Fix & Break
Jean Terechkova – Butterfly
Esca & Leah – Everything
Trance Wax – Open Up the Night (X-Coast remix)
Anetha – Sorry For Being So Sexy
Schacke – Drained by Goddess
✧Braindaamage✧ – Gate to the Eternal Garden
Grace Dahl – I Like Em Sexy
Sarah4k & Jacky Ickx – Sex am Meer
MZA – Love Gets Me High
Juicy Romance – Summer Smash
X-Coast – Bailando 2023

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