18 March 2020


I’ve spent the day making a mixtape for everyone who is likewise staying in at the moment. There are a lot people sharing tips about music or movies right now, mostly focusing on the literal themes of disease and anxiety. So instead we’ll go the Orange Juice way. Just as Edwyn Collins could have named his group Puke or something more contemporary, this is a mixtape about staying home – because you want to. Staying in bed, sleeping in, sitting on the couch or just being alone. “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” is a song on R.E.M.’s great Document of 1987. This is also a document, of 2020. I’ve been watching a lot of live footage of R.E.M. from the 80s recently, as well as Mazzy Star and Violent Femmes. So I made an old-school mixtape, including some tracks that probably aren’t online.

If you find something you like, please go to bandcamp and buy some music – preferably on Friday, which will help the artists out in this difficult time.

It’s the End of the World & I Feel Fine – A Mixtape


  1. Suzi Jane Hokom – Home (I’m Home)
  2. Sugar Candy Mountain – Breakfast In Bed BUY
  3. TOPS – All The People Sleep BUY
  4. Molly Nilsson – Hotel Home BUY
  5. Le Tigre – Eau D’Bedroom Dancing
  6. Zarjaz – T.V. Onne Inne Bed
  7. Saint Etienne – Carnt Sleep
  8. Mazzy Star – Before I Sleep
  9. Tomorrows Tulips – I Lay in My Bed BUY
  10. Dead Ghosts – I Sleep Alone BUY
  11. The Frumpies – Duvet Ta BUY
  12. Pussycat Trash – Hot Bed BUY
  13. Suburban Reptiles – Saturday Night Stay At Home BUY
  14. Toy Love – Bedroom BUY
  15. Auteurs – Home Again
  16. #Poundsign# – Isolation


  1. The Modern Lovers – I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
  2. The Raw Nerves – Sleep For Days BUY
  3. The Softies – Sleep Away Your Troubles BUY
  4. The Durutti Column – Sleep Will Come BUY
  5. Felt – Something Sends Me to Sleep
  6. Beach House – Home Again BUY
  7. Totally Mild – Go Home BUY
  8. Fazerdaze – Bedroom Talks BUY
  9. Majestic 12 – Nothing On T.V.
  10. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Why Are We Sleeping?
  11. (the sounds of) kaleidoscope – Sleep Plenty
  12. Ty Segall – Sleeper BUY
  13. Times New Viking – Sleep-In
  14. White Fence – Be At Home BUY
  15. Cher – I Go to Sleep

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