Legit Girl DJ

Legit Girl DJ is one of my current favourite artists. Paris-based Clothilde Zamponi-du-Mur is not only engaged in DJ-ing but also fashion, graphics, production and making podcasts. The Radio Superstar podcast has been running since last year and two years ago Last Love Records was established together with Vendredear.

The label has worked with hyperpop/techno artists like Lisa More, bdstf, Digifae, Choribaby, Kimberlaid, Laura Trance, Caro♡ and a wealth of other experimental non-cis male producers.

About a year ago the first original Legit Girl release came out, then getting remixed in full this year by Erin Hopes. This the Lake We Live On is the latest EP – a 5-track collection of wildly entertaining sounds from March. Really admire the artwork created around it as well.

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